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The Lacek Group Introduces New Identity

As part of our evolution into more data-driven, multi-platform, cross-channel communications – and to mark the 25th anniversary of the company – The Lacek Group has unveiled a new identity and logo:

Since our founding in 1993, we’ve specialized in driving customer engagement through personalized communications. As platforms, channels and media have changed, we’ve continued to drive for consistent brand experiences and for our clients’ customers to be recognized at every interaction.

One of ways we indicate personalized or dynamic information in layouts and coding is through the use of the symbols “<” and “>.” Examples include <FIRST_NAME>, <OFFER> or <MEMBER NUMBER>.

We took those “angle brackets” (although they go by many names in the worlds of data, coding and mathematics) and used them in a unique and simple way to create a new identity for The Lacek Group.

We also introduced a bold new color pallet that nods to our parent, The Ogilvy Group, but sets us apart as the innovative, data-led team that we are, delivering truly relevant, needle-moving personalization at scale.

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